What I do

I develop and architect web applications and services for various clients and consult companies and help to create software engineering teams (Red Bull Content Pool). This involves architectural decisions, coaching of staff, workflows and shipping processes and generally establishing best practices and automization.

Over the years I have worked for several startups. My field of responsibilities included the design of shipping processes (agile project management, containerization & continuous delivery), and implementation of REST APIs for heterogenous clients (Native apps & PWA’s, Websites and Backoffice systems).

My journey

The following paragraphs sum up the work I did over the last 15 years.

2013 – nowSelf-employed Software Engineer

Engineering Services

  • General Purpose APIs (Node.js and Rails. Especially JSON:API & recently GraphQL)
  • Back Office Systems (Dashboards w/ Angular, Ember & React/Redux)
  • Apps, Hybrid Apps and PWAs (React Native, Cordova)
  • Architecture (Reactive systems, Microservices & Message Queues)
  • Continuous Delivery Pipelines (Jenkins, Zero Downtime, Monitoring & Testing)
  • Containerization of infrastructure (On Premise, PaaS and Cloud Computing → AWS, Azure)

Consulting Services & Coaching

  • Coaching & training for dev teams
  • Declarative and functional programming
  • Agile project management for software engineering teams
  • Modernization of complete dev stacks (Continuous Delivery, Automization, Frameworks)


One of the best things in web development is that you get the chance to learn new tools, libraries, paradigms and even programming languages in every project. However, I have multiple years of project experience with the following technologies:

  • JavaScript for clients w/ Ember, Angular and React
  • JavaScript for tooling and on servers w/ Node.js
  • Web APIs, Standards and Methodologies

You can find my open source projects at: eliias and netiam

Project: Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull Content Pool

The Red Bull Content Pool is the global B2B self-service media & news platform for press, journalists and business partners. The content portfolio ranges from high-quality photos to HD videos about the latest news & stories relating to sports, culture & lifestyle.

2013 – nowSenior Lecturer

I teach undergraduate and graduate courses at the department of web development & engineering at University of Applied Sciences Salzburg. Additionally to teaching, I helped develop the latest curriculum (MSc) and also organize events and meetups for students and the local dev community.

Extracurricular activity:

  • Barcamp Salzburg: “the next web”
  • Web development conference .concat() 2015
  • Web development conference .concat() 2018
  • Salzburg Webdev Meetup


  • FullStack London
  • JSUnconf Hamburg
  • OTSConf Dortmund

Undergraduate courses

  • Frontend Development 1
  • Frontend Development 2
  • Web Operations
  • Web Production Workflows
  • Bachelor Thesis: Topic Selection, Exposé, Accompanying Course and Mentoring
  • Multimedia Project & Studio
  • Selected Chapters of Web Development
  • Content Management Systems

Graduate courses

  • Client Side Web Engineering
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Project & Studio
  • Master Thesis: Topic Selection & Mentoring
  • Scalable Web Architectures

You can find a full description of my lectures here.

2013 – 2015Founder “cnuddl”

I cofounded and developed the pet sitting platform “cnuddl”. We were part of the academic founders program BCCS (Business Creation Center Salzburg GmbH) and pitched the project on national television.


cnuddl is a web application. We place and provide full services for pets and their owners. cnuddl solves one of every pet owner’s problems: stress-free finding of nice pet sitter for your pet. cnuddl connects pet sitters with our customers, the pet owners. Our customers can search for pet sitters in their neighborhood independently, book an add-on package (additional insurance, pick-up service) and pay directly on the platform.

Uncomplicated, quick and all in one place.

cnuddl – pet sitting platform

Technology & Services

  • Angular
  • Node.js REST API
  • MongoDB & Postgres
  • Jenkings & Docker
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Hybrid Mobile App

2008 – 2013Lead Developer

I have worked for a company named Freshminds. It is a business development company with a focus on online entertainment solutions.

My responsibilities included the concept, development and maintenance of two large-scale websites, an asset management system and various system-critical infrastructure. I was hired as a full stack developer but took over the lead developer position in my second year. In the following years, I hired, built up and led a team of three developers.

Technology & Services

  • Zend Framework (and a bunch of self-written extensions)
  • MySQL Cluster (Master-Slave configuration)
  • Caching Proxy (Varnish)
  • Multi-channel payment solutions
  • Asset management (Transcoding of huge media asset)
  • Backoffice solution

2007 – 2009Lecturer and Trainer


The WIFI is one of two major education insitutes for adult education in Austria. It was my first gig as a lecturer/coach and it actually brought me into teaching. I was hired as a contractor for a course program named WDA (Advertising Academy) and taught Flash and web development. Later on I also held courses for web design and web development.


  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Flash

2005 – 2009Studies

I studied MultiMediaArt at University of Applied Sciences Salzburg.

Project: Ace of Mace

Ace of Mace is an online game of skill for spice company WIBERG and was produced by four MultiMediaArt students.