I give talks about web development, technology and web in academia. You can find a complete history of talks (including video/slides) here. I also organize the following community events.


No appearances yet.


I had some appearances as a speaker at local web development community event and helped organising Barcamp Salzburg “The Next Web” and several meetups.

Barcamp Salzburg “The Next Web” October 2016

Salzburg Web Dev Meetup January 2016


In 2015, I had an amazing conference year. I organised .concat() 2015 in March and attended plenty of conferences as speaker and regular attendee.

Digitales Zeitalter

FullStack 2015

Video – Login required

OTSConf 2015

JSUnconf 2015

Salzburg Web Dev 2015


Hannes Moser

I am a software developer with a slight faible for web platforms, services and API design. The last 15 years, I have worked on browser games, scalable websites, APIs and web applications.

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