I am working on different projects all the time. My interest covers several topics such as automization, chess engines, REST APIs, DevOps and UX.


This REST API library addresses some issues I had with API designs in my projects. It does not claim to provide a full featured solution and to be honest, it might never will. Nevertheless, someone might find this library useful. It works as connect middleware and you should be able to use it with any compatible infrastructure (e.g. express).

Source: netiam


A rough chess engine, written in GO. I started this project to learn the GO programing language and I quite enjoy programing chess engines a lot. It has a basic move validator and some test utilities such as perft.

Source: eliias/peterpawner

dumpster chef

We love food and friends and therefore we need to create the ultimate tool to combine the best of both worlds. dumpster chef is an adventurous journey and your chance to make new friends and the world a better place by opposing the throw-away society.

Source: multimediatechnology/dumpster

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Ace of Mace

Commissioned by spice company Wiberg, this classic game of dexterity may literally be too hot to handle. Manipulate the hand to flip the piece of mace into the empty glass, skilfully judging angles and velocities.

Advancing through five stages of ever increasing difficulty, the player surmounts obstacles of chilli peppers fruit and kitchen utensils, while the music drives an atmosphere of relaxed endeavour. Brilliant high definition images, a responsive physics engine, and a highly intuitive interface create an outstanding gaming experience.

Ace of mace – hot stuff indeed!

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Hannes Moser

I am a software developer with a slight faible for web platforms, services and API design. The last 15 years, I have worked on browser games, scalable websites, APIs and web applications.

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